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Manitoba to Increase Funding for Newcomers’ Professional Settlement

It is good news for those who are seeking to immigrate to Canada and especially the province of Manitoba that the government of Manitoba allocated $3 million CAD for the Manitoba Start Program. The government helps newcomers to find work in their professional field. Many newcomers have found it very difficult to find a job in their professional field even with a master’s degree of Doctoral degree. In 2015-16, the government of Manitoba will provide funding for Manitoba Start Program to fund the following:

•        Profession-specific resource guides to help newcomers navigate the licensing process in regulated professions;

•        A career development curriculum and training resources;

•        Referral and guidance services to newcomers on accessing financial supports such as microloans; and

•        Job-matching services to help newcomers work in their occupational area.

"Navigating the world of qualifications recognition can be complex," said Judith Hayes, executive director of Manitoba Start, which will provide career services to newcomers and connects them with businesses using a job-matching service.

It is anticipated that in following years more immigrants choose Manitoba as their new home.


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