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New Criteria for Urgent Processing of PR Cards

The permanent resident card is the official proof that an individual is a permanent resident of Canada. Residents use this card to enter and stay in Canada when returning from another country.

Usually, the estimated processing time for a permanent resident card is 41 days for a new card or 63 days for a renewal or replacement. However, in certain urgent situations, eligible individuals may have his/her application accelerated for a card. In fact, the government of Canada has made public its criteria for the urgent processing of permanent residence cards.

In order to qualify for faster processing of PR card, applicants must show that they need their card immediately (within the next three months) for one of the following reasons:

  • for travel due to their own serious illness or serious illness or death of a family member; or
  • to attain employment or to travel due to employment requirements or opportunity.

Applications that are qualified for immediate processing and include all required documents are placed into the urgent processing stream; meanwhile those that do not meet the criteria are retained into the regular processing stream. 

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